Privacy policy

Description based on Personal Information Protection Law

Business Agent Co., Ltd. established the regulations below for Web registration.Please confirm and register it by consent.
Handing of personal information is voluntary. However we may not register in case you don’t hand in personal information.
The purpose of use of personal information is only below

Furthermore provision of information is voluntary, but there may be cases where we cannot offer our service.
We appropriately manage personal information by using protection measure for loss, corruption, falsification and leak.
Personal information which is handed can not be returned in any case.

There may be cases where we deposit the personal information with specialized agency which reaches same level or a certain level of privacy protection framework within the limits of purpose of use or paper work which are related to employment management.

Besides due to outsourcing which we accepted the personal information which is outsourced is used within the limits of execution of the operation.

The personal information which we deposit is not provided to third party without consent of the person.
However we could provide the information in the case below.

Please request by paper if you would like personal information disclosure.
We promptly disclose the information after identity verification.

If you would like personal information disclosure, please ask our branches.

However the cases falling under any of the following items shall not be subject to disclosure.