Video Conference

Video Conference

VALTEC’s online video conference system can use without software installation and complicated settings.
It’s a simple multi-person online conference using only a browser.
It can be widely used in consultation with customers, internal company meetings, recruitment interviews, remote diagnosis and treatment, customer service support, etc.

Introduction of various convenient functions

Displayed on the toolbar items

  1. Display the name of the conference room in use
  2. Username in the meeting
  3. Microphone ON/OFF
  4. Webcam ON/OFF
  5. Expands to full screen size
  6. Show the chat room

PIP(Picture In Picture)

  1. Volume adjustment of participants。When there is a large number of participants and it’s difficult to hear.
  2. Expand to full screen size
  3. Display the sub-directory, can use the function ”Picture In Picture”.
  4. “Picture in Picture” displays the selected picture on the desktop, which can be used and performed the other computer work at the same time.

Chat room

  1. Click the chat room icon in the upper right corner to expand the chat room window.
  2. Real-time display of input information.

Branches・Work from home・Satellite office

Simultaneously connect to separate areas for instant meetings

It can connect to the branch or branch separated from the head office, and colleagues in remote office, home office, and satellite office to conduct online meetings. Don’t need to stick to the time and place, and you can hold a meeting easily anytime.

  • We recommend the following types of companies:
  • ・Companies committed to improving service efficiency.
  • ・Companies that promote life balance.
  • ・Satellite offices all over enterprises in various regions.